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Terms and Conditions for the Score Accumulation Card of the Regular Customer Club

1. Customersí» consumption in Yuyang Hotel can be counted as scores. (Consumption in the sections conducted by other owners, such as the hotel store, the flight-ticket agency, and the entertainment department, excluded; consumption through All-score cards and unnamed cards excluded)
2. 1 RMB of consumption in the hotel is counted as 1 point.
3. The scores of the card are counted to zero at 24:00 on Dec. 31 each year, while the unused scores are seen to be waived by customers.
4. If your consumption scores reach 2,000 points, you will become the gold VIP; 10,000 points for the platinum VIP; 25,000 points for the diamond VIP; different classes of VIPs have different privileges.
5. If you get 2,000 points in a single month, you are eligible to be the candidate of the hotelí»s monthly lucky drawing, which offers you the chance to win the presents exquisitely prepared by the hotel.
6. If your consumption scores are over 5,000 points, you get a coupon with the volume of 5% of your scores.
7. The consumption scores cannot be transferred to others or cashed.
8. The consumption that has already been discounted is counted as scores according to the actual volume paid.
9. Customers can use the coupon (offered according to their consumption scores) in exchange of any service in the hotel. (Flight tickets excluded)
10. 24 hours in advance to deliver your application to the manager on duty for exchanging your scores into coupons; the rest of the scores on your card continue to be counted.
11. Members of the club need to provide the number of their score accumulation cards on their reservations or check-in so as to guarantee their rights as the club members.
12. All the score accumulation policies above are only valid to individual customers of the hotel; guests from the outside, free-staying guests, guests of the tourist groups organized by travel agencies, and group guests organized by companies are not to enjoy these policies.
13. The hotel keeps the confidentiality of the information of the members of the Regular Customer Club.
14. All the offers, terms, services, and conditions of this document are valid within Yuyang Hotel.
15. The hotel reserves the right to complement, adjust, modify or cancel the preferential offers with or without noticing customers.
16. The hotel reserves the right to the ultimate explanation of the score accumulation card of its Regular Customer Club.

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