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The Regular Customer Club is an exclusive membership club offering service for customers who regularly check in at Yuyang Hotel.
As a member of this club, you will not only be embraced by the sincerities, warm, and excellent service that the staff of this hotel provides, but also enjoy the privileges that exclusively belong to regular customers.  
As your consumption increases, you will be upgraded to a higher rank and taken into a consumption-rewarding program (i.e. as your total consumption in the hotel increases, you get more scores); as a member of this club, you will get coupons and enjoy more preferential policies and services.
The hotel, based on í░customers check-in recordí▒, will issue membership cards to customers who reach the standard of the membership of the the Regular Customer Club. Members of the club are classified into three classes according to their scores: the gold VIP, the platinum VIP, and the diamond VIP.